Why This Cheerleader's Mind-Blowing Invisible Box Stunt Is Sweeping the Internet

Ariel Olivar posted went viral she demonstrates how to do her invisible step dance move

The trend first started this summer when Dontez Hines, a defensive back at Anderson University in IN, demonstrated the stunt in a viral video on Twitter. There has been a new entry to the long list of time-wasting sensations taking the internet by storm. Yes, I'm talking about all the people who are hopping over "invisible boxes"!

For those unaware, it constitutes pretending to tap the surface of a phantom box before placing your foot on top of it and then using your other foot to step on and over it.

The invisible box trick seems to go back a while, with a few posts on Reddit asking how to pull it off.

Ariel Olivar from Manvel High School in Texas posted a video on Twitter of her performing a lovely "invisible box" trick, appearing to levitate as she steps over the non-existent box.

In a video posted on YouTube, dancer Marcos Grados, from Guadalajara, Mexico, also manages to incorporate the move in to one of his routine.

See some of the attempts below and remember safety first. Then, you pat it about a foot off the ground (not too high).

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"It is really nothing special", Hines told Men's Health last month.

'All [the] hip stabilizers on the right side are firing on overtime to hold that hip in position, ' he said.

If you thought walking on air wasn't humanly possible, the latest fad to sweep the internet will make you think otherwise.

But the moving leg that hops forward faces a greater challenge.

Other recent popular challenges include the "Ice Bucket Challenge", "Planking Challenge" and the "Cinnamon Challenge". 'Very explosive hip flexor, abdominal and glute strength is what is driving the leg up and over the box, ' Samuel said.

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