Quentin Tarantino May Boldly Go Into the Star Trek Franchise Next

Quentin Tarantino and JJ Abrams Team Up for 'Star Trek' Movie

Tarantino is attached to develop and possibly direct a new Star Trek movie. Both entertainment outlets confirm the two now plan on bringing a writers room together for Paramount to flush things out. There's a chance that if he likes the results, he might even direct it, though we question whether QT would want count it among his own films, since he's planning to make a limited number of movies.

While the latest Trek TV show, Discovery, has added the occasional F-bomb to its array of phasers and torpedos, most of the franchise's instalments feature prim dialog, bloodless violence, few substances stronger than alien liqueurs and forgettable dialog that hustles the plot along with often-improbable and unscientific exposition.

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Mr Cummings said the source was "authentic, credible, and reliable", and offered to introduce the individual to Mr Gowdy. The company did not respond to a request for comment Wednesday. "Mike has been putting everything in place for us".

At first, it may seem odd to consider Tarantino directing a Star Trek film. It recently snagged a release date of 19 August, 2019. As TrekMovie reported in September, Tarantino's name entered the Trek sphere after his remarks on a Nerdist podcast in 2015 began recirculating around the web. And he's shared that idea with fellow director J.J. Abrams (currently working on "Star Wars: Episode IX"). He said he was a big fan of the original Star Trek series and liked the JJ Abrams 2009 Star Trek film, but didn't care for 2013's Into Darkness follow-up. "You could take some of the classic Star Trek episodes and easily expand them to 90 minutes or more and really do some fantastic, awesome stuff". And Paramount already expressed a desire for a fourth Chris Pine-led Trek installment to follow up the ehhh that was last year's Star Trek Beyond. Huahua Media financed Star Trek Beyond in 2016.

He has worked with franchises on the small screen, directing episodes of CSI and ER.

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