Supporting Eminem Fans Are Not Happy With His Savage BET Cypher

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The Detroit rapper slammed Trump in a freestyle rap video titled, "The Storm", that was shown at the BET Hip Hop Awards show on Tuesday.

James Corden made a couple jokes about Eminem's video, one in particular was quite good, with him saying that Trump responded to Eminem with his own rap that goes, "Will the National Football League players please stand up, please stand up?" He also echoed Eminem by ordering any Trump-supporting viewers to stop watching his show. Fallon, Colbert, Meyers, and Corden all had some jokes about Eminem's now famous freestyle rap, from sketch gags to parodies.

Jimmy Kimmel also addressed Eminem's political moment on Jimmy Kimmel Live! saying, "It was very well done, he even found a way to rhyme the word 'orange, ' which previously had been thought impossible".

In a scathing video, which spread like wildfire, worldwide rapper Eminem has lashed out against US President Donald Trump, leaving no stone unturned to demean the POTUS in every way possible.

After playing the clip in which Trump called the rapper "a victor", Kimmel added, "Not anymore, I guess".

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"I'm Seth Meyers and I'm here to say: if you like Trump, then go away", he said in a pseudo-rap response to Eminem before putting up his middle finger.

He continued, "What Eminem is doing is just being true to his art, which is to inspire and motivate, so I'm grateful to him for that".

Colin Kaepernick - who started the demonstrations by "taking a knee" previous year - thanked Eminem for the song's reference to his ongoing protest on Twitter.

Wrote one former supporter, "I was a fan of Eminem".

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