Razer might launch a gaming smartphone on November 1

Gaming company Razer is developing a mobile device that will be ready by the end of the year

The tagline is "watch, listen, play" so we can definitely expect some focus on gaming, but it's Razer, so that shouldn't be a surprise at all.

If you're into gaming, you'd probably know a thing or two about Razer. However, Razer CEO Liang Tan in an interview with CNBC last month said a smartphone is coming later this year, so we are definitely betting on it instead of anything else.

The company has also recently bought Nextbit, a company which made cloud-based smartphones, indicating its interest in the smartphone market. Later on, Tim Moss, Head of Razer mobile division, tweeted a photo of him and Tan standing together.

Ever since Razer acquired Nextbit, it was basically confirmed that a Razer phone was on the cards. 2015's Nextbit Robin was marketed as the phone that never runs out of storage thanks to Nextbit's cloud platform, but obviously the device needed to be connected to the internet at all times for it to work. But it's dabbled in gaming-centric mobile devices before. Razer has always had a knack for good design too, so at the very least, its phone should end up being eye-catching.

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Twitch compatibility: Many Razor fans have commented on its forum that the upcoming device might be either compatible with Twitch - a specialized gaming network or come with a new gaming network. Notably, Razer had earlier launched the Razer Edge tablet for gamers.

Hopefully, Razer will have a few more surprises for us apart from what we see here during its reveal event.

It's likely the company killed off support for the Robin to be able to concentrate on its own device.

Until we hear more details abut what's specifically inside the rumored Razer phone, we can only offer up a wish list of what would make an ideal mobile device for gamers.

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