Kylie Jenner Has Reportedly Hired A Pregnancy Coach

Pregnant Sisters Khloe Kardashian & Kylie Jenner Snap New Selfies Together!

Khloé Kardashian, who is expecting her first child with boyfriend Tristan Thompson, was spotted out in Los Angeles on Tuesday, but kept her belly covered with loose-fitting clothes - much to the disappointment of fans impatiently waiting to see the star with a baby bump. As Kylie gets further along in her pregnancy, the coach will assist her with Lamaze training to help deliver the baby when the time comes.

Now, Kylie showing off her oodles of Ky-branded paraphernalia on social media is nothing new, but since the pregnancy rumours, people are reading deep - and we mean *deep* into every single post the 20-year-old puts up.

Kylie posed an image of her Lip Kit phone cases, with a pink and blue edition, under which she penned: 'Which one?

Of course it is possible that she was just carrying her dry cleaning or something, but it does look pretty suspicious.

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Plus, we've seen Kylie posting plenty of makeup tutorials lately, so this could definitely be a twinning beauty vlog.

Jenner posted the photo to Instagram on Monday along with the caption, "Sasha's shirt". She feels good, but her body is changing.

'She has also hired four new assistants as well as an additional two security guards to have her house guarded around the clock, ' the source claimed. It's safe to assume that she may have been referencing her photographer friend Sasha Samsonova. She may be young, but she's very maternal and has lots of practice with babies! She is already shopping like insane'. "Kylie is excited that her baby will have cousins close to her age too!"

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