The Nintendo Switch Online app has launched on iOS & Android

Nintendo Switch Game Stop Stock ‘Splatoon 2’ release will bring new supply — and not just in bundles

The app now doesn't do much, but it will support the online features of "Splatoon 2", which is scheduled to be released this Friday, July 21.

The one thing that nearly makes the faff of setting up a lobby worthwhile is the way in which the app is able to conveniently, seamlessly sort and mute voice inputs automatically, so that once a match begins, you're able to share your plans with your teammates alone. ◆ Inviting friends via social media: You can invite friends to play with you in supported games via social media such as Facebook and Twitter. The service itself is a different story. Invites will appear as a notification on your phone, so long as you have the app installed. I, on my phone, accepted the invite, then, in the game, trundled over to the section of Splatoon 2 where you can join online lobbies.

For starters, the app is free to use for now, but come 2018, it'll require a subscription fee (the fee also includes online play). The app shall then serve as the hub for interactive capabilities such as voice chat. More specifically, Nintendo intends to offer features in the app on a per-game basis, but also promises to offer the ability to invite friends to play with you or to have voice chats.

I have no doubt that Nintendo will rigorously update the app over the coming months.

You'll need both the game you're playing and your phone for this. Although reviewers have generally given "Splatoon 2" positive reviews, a lot of them agree that it's nearly the same as the original "Splatoon", but it's different enough to still feel fresh.

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How does voice chat work with Nintendo Switch Online?

In the game's Online Lounge menu, players can create a room for a variety of game modes. Invitations can also be sent through the app directly Once an invitation is accepted, friend icons show up on a screen in the mobile app.

We haven't had the chance to personally test the app out in a live environment, but GameSpot has noticed some less-than-ideal quirks.

Again, every game will use it differently. It would be just as easy for players to call each other on Skype or Teamspeak or whatever they did when they played the original, completely voice-less Splatoon. All of those features will be available starting July 21.

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