GOP "dump Trump" rebels mobilize ahead of the convention

The ruling, however, may not have been entirely in his favor.

Ever since the election of Barack Obama in 2008, the Republican party has been divided.

The speaker has one of the toughest jobs in politics right now: safeguarding the future of the Republican Party while simultaneously uniting the party around its controversial presumptive nominee.

That is to say, temporary until the report of the rules committee, and any proposed rules changes, is voted on by the convention as a whole on day one. But her colleagues were unmoved by her heartfelt plea for a more inclusive platform and rejected language that would have encouraged a "thoughtful conversation" and recognized the growing support among Republicans for marriage equality (a 2014 Pew poll found more than 60-percent support for marriage equality among Republicans under 30).

"It will be the first time in my life I have ever voted for a Republican", Benson said. With lack of information on security details and the recent mass shootings, many party members are fearful that the very nature of Trump's campaign will incite violence between his critics and supporters. He thinks other Republicans will be if they consider what's at stake if Democrats control appointments to the Supreme Court and matters such as regulations passed by executive order.

"People put pressure on them". "People all seemed to be going toward the same goal here, which is to get our candidate elected".

"I really don't like the lady from NY implying that we are bigots because we don't agree with her view", the Virginia delegate returned.

Since his endorsement, he has still criticized his party's nominee, who he said had made comments that met the "textbook definition" of racism and also called on Trump to "clean up" his social media efforts after the candidate tweeted an image widely perceived as anti-Semitic.

The former mayor said he knows that his efforts are an uphill battle.

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Drafters of the platform sought to combine Trump-like statements with softer language to permit wiggle room for the presumptive GOP nominee's critics within the party.

"The vast majority of delegates from across the country believe that whether they supported Donald Trump or not in the primaries, he won fair and square and I think the delegates feel great reluctance to go at odds with what the voters said during the primary", Walker said Monday. "You can wish what you want, but you're going to get one of those two".

A party platform subcommittee on the economy, jobs and debt voted on Monday in Cleveland to recommend language that significant trade agreements should not be rushed or undertaken in a lame-duck Congress.

He pledged Tuesday to speak out and defend his principles whenever they diverge with those of Trump.

"It is a republican representative form of government just like our United States government".

Paul also noted Trump's position on issues had the key elements for a win in November and to expand the Republican base.

As we said, he's no Eisenhower. "I felt like he was the type of candidate who could make MI competitive and that's what we're seeing right now".

A long-shot, 11th-hour push to block Donald Trump from the nomination will have its moment of truth this week.

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