Year's brightest supermoon coming to OR skies Sunday night

Supermoon to Light Up the Sky for the First Time in 2017

A supermoon, of course, is no bigger than the moon at any given time, but the term refers to when a new or full moon coincides with the lunar orbit coming in close proximity to Earth, according to National Geographic. The moon will still be super-sized when it becomes visible that evening and will officially reach its perigee at 3:45 a.m. ET on December 4.

Still, don't sleep on the supermoon expected Sunday: It's the only one we'll see for all of 2017.

On Sunday, stargazers, astronomers and curious sky-watchers will get a chance to witness the first and only supermoon of 2017.

"The supermoon gets headlines because the moon's a little bigger and a little brighter, but people get frustrated that they can't always tell the difference".

If you miss the moon on the first day, don't fret, the moon will still appear large and bright for a few days after that, it just won't be a full a moon.

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Wellington: In New Zealand's capital Wellington city, the full moon will be observed at 4:46 am local time on December 4.

Can I see the supermoon without going outside?

The Virtual Telescope project provides a livestream of its rise over Rome's skyline, beginning at 16:00 UT. The best time to watch a supermoon is when it's low, near the horizon.

What's the best way to photograph the supermoon?

"Then slide your finger up or down to darken or lighten the exposure". "It's a balancing act between trying to get the right exposure and realizing that the shutter speed typically needs to be a lot faster". "Don't make the mistake of photographing the moon by itself with no reference to anything", say Ingalls.

This supermoon won't be quite as special as last year's.

Fortunately, unlike the solar eclipse, the supermoon is safe to view with the naked eye! So you can fully appreciate this rare moment in space and time.

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