Fans are loving Jodie Whittaker's new Doctor Who costume

The Doctor will see you now! BBC unveils FIRST LOOK at glam Jodie Whittaker as the new Time Lord... as she struts sultrily away from the TARDIS across a sunlit meadow

It's nice to see the show didn't attempt opt for a quieter look for its first female Doctor.

This costume is uniquely her own, a true departure from the modern series' suits in muted colors.

Some quick background information: William Hartnell was the first man to play The Doctor when the series premiered in 1963.

"It's more than an honour to play the Doctor", she told the BBC back in July. Hate or love her new look?

Details of the new series are being kept tightly under wraps for the time being, but it has been announced that Jodie's Doctor will have three companions in the TARDIS this time around. Those trousers. Nary a decorative vegetable in sight, but the bold, colorful, eclectic look is a big departure from recent doctors' suits, including Peter Capaldi's magician-y feel, and reminds me a lot more of the more whimsical costumes of Doctors past.

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Whilst both Twelfth Doctor Peter Capaldi and Tenth Doctor David Tennant were both fans of a trench coat. The suspenders could be an homage to Eleven's (Matt Smith) outfit, while the striped sweater might be a wink at Tom Baker's striped scarf.

It's not gone unnoticed by fans with one saying it "has great elements from previous Doctors".

Doctor Who returns with a new face and new adventures in Autumn 2018.

1970s sitcom similarities aside, the response to Whittaker's costume does seem overwhelmingly positive so far, with fans praising the costume designer for creating a fresh new look with nods to the show's legacy. But the Doctor's journey is only just beginning'.

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