Microsoft's 'intrusive' data collection in Windows 10 breaks Dutch privacy laws

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In the company's testing of 36,120 different instances involving the access of 1,136 suspicious URLs over a 23-day period, the company found Edge to provide significantly more protection than its Google- and Mozilla-made alternatives.

"We welcome the opportunity to continue to work with the Dutch DPA on their comments related to Windows 10 Home and Pro, and we will continue to cooperate with the DPA to find appropriate solutions", the Windows maker said in a blog post. Microsoft needs to make it clear to users that they can reject the data collection as well. And a lot of features of Widows Edge are still not there.

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In the Netherlands over 4 million active devices use Windows 10 Home and Pro. If this is not the case, the Dutch DPA can decide to impose a sanction on Microsoft. At full telemetry, detailed data on the app usage is processed along with the info gathered from web surfing via Edge. Because of the company's approach to data collection, the users can't provide valid consent to Microsoft, according to the European Union data protection legislation. Another new feature is the Continue on PC that lets you view the photos directly on PC without making major changes to any of your devices. Now Microsoft is trying to get some user base for Microsoft Edge by releasing it to the 2 most popular mobile operating systems. "They are not informed which data are being used for what goal, neither that based on these data, personalized advertisements and recommendations can be presented, if those users have not opted out from these default settings on installation or afterwards". Microsoft has been saying that it collects and processes the data from the Windows 10 to secure and improve its products and services, fix issues and keep the devices up-to-date. Most of the people only use it to install another browser like Chrome or Firefox.

Microsoft Edge will also be used as the company's Kindle reader of sorts, with the app already having a dedicated section for Books which is presently empty and will contain your books purchased from the Microsoft Store in the future. In other words, Microsoft's telemetry settings are set at the default level upon installation of Windows 10, and that also means that personalized advertisements and recommendations are sprinkled throughout the operating system. Further, the company said that the Creators Update and upcoming Fall Creators Update will make it easier for the users to control their privacy options.

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