Hundreds of thousands march for unity in Spain after Catalan independence poll

Bloomberg’s Maria Tadeo reports on Spain’s suspension of a Catalan parliamentary

On October 1, Catalonia held the independence referendum, which is not recognized by the Spanish authorities.

If Catalan authorities decide to declare independence from Spain following the results of the referendum, they will hardly be able to enjoy their status as the tensions with Madrid over violation of the Spanish constitution will rise and there will be no support internationally since other states would not sacrifice their relations with Spain for Catalonia's sake, experts told Sputnik.

They also argue that they have the "right to self-determination" outlined by the United Nations even though this applies to colonies and oppressed societies.

"Ideally, it shouldn't be necessary to implement extreme solutions but for that not to happen things would have to be changed".

More than 90 per cent of those who voted backed secession, but opinion polls on the issue suggest the region is more closely divided.

In terms of worldwide recognition, Catalan authorities are unlikely to have a success, since other countries would be reluctant to sacrifice their relations with Madrid for the sake of Catalonia's independence, Hoegger argued. However, Catalonian residents who opposed secession largely boycotted the vote.

The crisis is a political test for Rajoy, who has been uncompromising.

Almost 900 people were injured while attempting to vote, according to regional and national authorities.

After the judges, police and politicians, Spanish business leaders are stepping into the ring to resist Catalan separatists' efforts to break the region away from Spain.

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"I hope that the Catalonia that makes pacts, is moderate and for many years contributed to Spain's economic growth and improvement in welfare and wealth returns".

The prime minister also said he planned to keep extra police deployed to Catalonia until the crisis was over.

Protesters dressed in white gathered in front of town halls in dozens of cities to demand dialogue to end the crisis in demonstrations organised by a group called "Let's Talk".

High school and university students in thousands have marched in Barcelona, draped in red and yellow Catalan independence flags shouting 'We will vote!' and 'Independence!', sure in the belief that they will be better without being part of Spain.

"Catalonia is not in this category", said the UN's former secretary general, Ban Ki-moon. I'm very anxious. This will end badly and everyone will lose'. In a recent decision, the Constitutional Court suspended a session of the Catalan parliament scheduled for Monday in which the declaration of unilateral independence was expected.

While Spanish premier Mariano Rajoy did not attend but expressed his support in a tweet, a number of heavyweights from the ruling Partido Popular, including the president of the Madrid region, Cristina Cifuentes, took part.

"This battle is going to be fought and is going to be won, because it is a fair battle, it's a legal battle and it is what the huge majority of Spaniards want and what we all feel", Rajoy said, adding more national police would be deployed in Catalonia until the situation returned to normal.

The unity forces view Catalonians and Spaniards as a family which don't split up by tossing a coin in the air and seeing how it lands.

Judges and prosecutors were ordered to take control of polling booths, identify those in charge, name those participating in the vote, seize and confiscate relevant electoral documents /material like ballot papers, close related websites, detain key organisers, dissolve electoral boards and prevent use of public buildings as polling stations.

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