Luke Bryan Discusses His Heartbreaking Call with Jason Aldean After Shooting

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ABC/Eric LiebowitzFans tuning into ABC's reboot of American Idol next year won't have to worry about the show getting bogged down with drama between the judges. "It was one of the most heartbreaking days of my life". We see Luke in concert, and fishing, and also catch a glimpse of his kids, his wife Caroline, and even Dierks Bentley.

American Idol's auditions are officially underway, and new judges Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan already learned they have their work cut out for them. Bryan recalled speaking with Jason Aldean - who was onstage when the shooting began - early in the morning after the shooting, and how it affected him.

"With the state of things, we can feel a little bit down in the dumps about everything", Perry said.

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His phone conversation with Aldean the morning after the shooting was not an easy one for either man. "Hearing one of your best friends shaken up like that, knowing they'll never be able to un-see these things", he said, "you get lumps and you get nauseated".

"We have to put our foot down more than just sending our condolences". I get really sick to my stomach with everyone sending their condolences and then going back to selfie-ing. "We need to take an unfortunate good, hard look at what our rules and our boundaries are with gun reform", she said. "Katy and I and Lionel, we talked about it, there's just gotta be something we can do, from the mental health issue to all of the issues that are causing these things". Idol's first day of auditions kicked off in New York City on Tuesday, October 3, with host Ryan Seacrest sharing a behind-the-scenes video on Instagram. Perry and Bryan touched on the rigors of becoming a successful musician. "Some of these artists don't understand you don't get to choose your sleep schedule, the business does", he said. "We look at the faces every night on stage". Do I do a documentary?' No, I just become a judge [real] quick! It might not've been you, but I can't judge.

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