Apple investigating claims that iPhone 8 splits during charging

This dongle is significantly larger than the iPhone headphone adapter

"That is something perhaps that's lacking for the iPhone 8", Xiaohan Tay said. Sadly for Apple, the iPhone 8's battery could be why some of the handsets are reportedly bursting open.

Apple iPhone 7 and the newly launched iPhone 8 are great phones without a doubt.

It follows Apple's decision to remove the headphone jack from its smartphones past year, which prompted outcry from users worldwide. I've asked Apple to confirm whether or not a future iOS 11 update will indeed bring faster wireless charging to the iPhone 8, but I have yet to hear back. We suppose we'll have to wait for Apple's official figures to confirm how well (or not well) the new iPhones are doing.

After the launch of iPhone 7, users have to connect an external adapter with the lightning port for using their headphones and charger at the single period of time.

Some users claimed that since updating to the latest iOS update, their gadgets' battery life has been even worse. So why go and buy one? Apple consumers had already created an online consumer group to fight this menace.

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So if you too want to save some space on your device or some data, go ahead and download the app from the Google Play Store . It originally launched in five countries, Kenya, Tunisia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Venezuela, in October 2016.

Several users of Apple's latest software upgrade are complaining of significant glitches, potentially signaling yet another technical issue for the tech giant's latest products and services.

This was a smart move on Apple's part because many people like the design of the iPhone and prefer for it to remain the same.

"This [iPhone 8] model doesn't have that striking quality that makes users' eyes light up", Xie Pu, a technology columnist also added. It never dealt with the technical angle about the accusation.

Now Apple has started selling an iPhone attachment with both a 3.5mm audio port and a lightning port. "They either crash back to home, freeze and require closing the app or take well over a minute to load".

For the people who are extremely anxious, the case is pretty much isolated and so far no reports have emerged from Western countries regarding battery swelling of the device, according to BGR.

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