Attacks on mayor ratchet up tensions over Puerto Rico

Now even money is running out in storm-hit Puerto Rico

By now, U.S. president Donald Trump is no stranger to criticism regarding his handling of the devastation that Puerto Rico has faced in the wake of Hurricane Maria, but he may have gone a step too far with his latest flurry of social media posts.

"But we're sending people to help and it's getting better on a daily basis", said Trump. "Outside of the Fake News or politically motivated ingrates, people are now starting to recognize the unbelievable work that has been done by FEMA and our great Military", he tweeted. "So I will continue to do whatever I have to do, say whatever I have to say, compliment the people that I need to compliment, and call out the people that I need to call out".

Today, the president is saying that "they" (meaning either officials or residents of Puerto Rico) are not doing enough themselves to recover from the crisis left by Hurricane Maria, and that "they want everything to be done for them".

Che's co-host for the skit, Colin Jost, kicked off the digs by commenting on the president's response to the destruction in Puerto Rico via Twitter.

Cruz said that she was done being polite and politically correct.

He also said he would visit Puerto Rico on Tuesday with the First Lady, Melania.

Trump was already under fire from some United States lawmakers, who accused him of not giving sufficient importance to the situation and responding too slowly to the crisis in Puerto Rico, where the electrical infrastructure was totally destroyed and the people are having to wait in extremely long lines for food, fuel, water and cash.

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Miranda, who is from Puerto Rico, couldn't help but clap back at the POTUS.

"I've been quite complimentary of the people from [the Health and Human Services Department] and FEMA", Cruz said.

The tweet offended some Puerto Ricans, but Rossello refused to criticize the president.

Che read out one of the president's tweets saying that Cruz had been "told by the Democrats that you must be nasty to Trump".

Guaynabo Mayor Angel Perez Otero says that Mayor Yulin Cruz has been a no show at coordination meetings between FEMA, U.S. military officials, and Puerto Rican leaders.

Cruz also implied that Puerto Rico had received far more help from corporations and private entities than from the federal government.

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