White House holds briefing as Trump meets with Democrats

US House Speaker Ryan leaves door open on taxes, deficit

According to the source in the room, Brady told his Republican colleagues that the goal is for the House and Senate to complete the budget process by mid-October, adding that the budget was the "runway to land" tax reform.

Ryan said that Republicans hope tax reform could lead to 3% economic growth. "I don't understand why there are no details, especially since our leadership said we would have details on tax reform months ago".

"More and more we're trying to work things out together", Trump said, calling the development a "positive thing" for both parties.

The White House and GOP leaders plan to reveal new details of their goal of cutting corporate and individual taxes the week of September 25, and they are imploring lawmakers to reach a budget agreement that could smooth its passage.

Others involve the contents of the tax blueprint itself, which Ryan and his lieutenants envision as a far-reaching reform plan that would significantly lower rates for corporations and individuals while cleaning up the loophole-ridden code.

"On the week of Sept 25, there's going to be an outline that is released which reflects the consensus of the tax-writing committees - Ways and Means and Finance - and the administration", Ryan said at a news conference.

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Referencing tax cuts signed by President George W. Bush, Ryan said, "You can't just do what Bush did in 2001 and 2003".

AshLee Strong, Ryan's spokeswoman, argued that Ryan's "position has not changed" and that he intends to pursue a "permanent tax reform plan that abides by reconciliation rules", which would require no increases to the deficit after 10 years. We can do it - and then he looks up - put it in another bill.

Brady said last month at a tax reform event in Simi Valley, California, that he would be "open to losing tax revenues in these early years", saying the budget would be balanced "over time" if reform become permanent. Speaking on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" Wednesday, Manchin says Trump will focus on tax cuts for the middle class.

Many Republicans, including fiscal hawks, have been reluctant to embrace the idea of revenue neutrality. Sen.

"Revenue neutral ultimately means that someone pays more for someone else to pay less".

"I don't have any details", said House Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows, R-N.C. Asked Wednesday, though, Ryan declined to say whether he still believed those covered by DACA should have the opportunity to attain eventual citizenship. Black said the outline coming from the so-called Big Six - the administration and congressional leaders who are shaping the tax framework - should help to assuage those members' concerns.

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