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A new study has shown that over a quarter of those who shave, wax or use laser hair removal for grooming pubic hair might be in for some form of mishap during the process.

The majority of those who were injured had been attempted to entirely remove their pubic hair, and hairier men tended to be more likely to hurt themselves while grooming.

They found that at least three in four individuals removed some or all their pubic hair regularly.

Between 50 and 87 percent of US adults report some form of pubic hair grooming, according to the study, published today (Aug. 16) in the journal JAMA Dermatology.

The report was published online August 16 in the journal JAMA Dermatology.

The researchers noted that the study had limitations.

Study co-author and UCSF urologist Dr. Benjamin Breyer told the newspaper that he and his fellow doctors were "surprised how frequently people were presenting with injuries related to grooming" while at the emergency room, and that 3% of all urogenital system injuries among adults are the result of grooming attempts gone wrong. And this was a high incidence that prompted this study for a more in depth look.

Wednesday's JAMA Dermatology study used a web-based survey of US adults that was conducted in January 2014. The survey was carried out in January 2014.

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Of those 5,674 people, 1,430 people reported experiencing at least one injury as a result of their grooming habits. All in all 7,456 adults took part in the survey.

Grooming the pubic region is not that easy. Another 9 percent used a partner's help and 0.5 percent of the respondents used a friend's help for pubic hair removal. Of these numbers, 27 percent of women have experienced an injury compared to 26 percent of men.

The most common injuries reported were laceration, burn and rashes, with the most common areas of grooming-related injury for men being the scrotum (67.2%); penis (34.8%); and pubis (28.9%). A further 23 percent of the reported injuries were due to burns that could be caused by waxing. "About one percent of groomers have sought medical attention because of an injury", adds Gaither. Of those who responded with a yes to have been injured at some point of time during pubic hair removal, two-thirds reported that they had been hurt more than once and one third reported to have sustained such injuries on five or more occasions.

But, Beyer notes, it is hard to say which method is the most hazardous.

The researchers found that some grooming methods may be safer than others - waxing, for example, reduced the number of injuries women reported, although more research is needed before we can say that grooming is the safest option around - and that the position in which you self-groom plays a significant role in how likely you'll give yourself a cut.

According to a research conducted a year ago by the University of California, people who trim their pubic hair are at 80 percent greater risk of getting STDs.

133 injured groomers reported a history of infection from their injury, with 49 requiring antibiotics, and 36 requiring surgical intervention.

Cuts, burns and infections are reported more than a quarter of the time, according to the online survey of more than 7,500 USA adults.

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