President Trump: Opioid crisis is a national emergency

President Donald Trump is making his first trip back to Trump Tower since his inauguration

On Tuesday, Trump received an extended briefing on the subject in Bedminster.

Those on the front lines of the opioid epidemic are welcoming President Donald Trump's declaration that the opioid crisis is a national emergency.

The opioid commission's recommendations contrast sharply from the Trump administration's overall response to the opioid crisis to date.

The announcement comes as states and local governments have struggled with this crisis.

The report also called on Washington to grant waiver approvals to all 50 states to eliminate barriers and allow treatment at Medicaid-funded residential facilities, a move it said would rapidly increase treatment capacity.

"There's no doubt that this shines a brighter light on the epidemic".

"Increasing the number of drug-related prosecutions, as Trump championed earlier this week, is the wrong way to go", said Ames Grawert of the Brennan Center for Justice. "No one thinks the recovery from this is going to be fast, emergency or not". "It's a national emergency", Trump said.

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The Food and Drug Administration has announced steps to limit misuse of prescription opioids.

"There's a lot that could be done". He said, "If this statement gets more money, that's good". "So declaring a state of emergency seems like the right thing to do, since we're not seeing our numbers go down". Trump can't just wipe these problems away, but he can direct his agencies to remove the barriers under their control and work with other federal agencies and state governments to eliminate other counterproductive hurdles.

Advocates say that the opioid commission's recommendations reflect a dire need to treat the opioid overdose crisis as a health issue and not a criminal issue.

He said: 'More Americans now die from overdoses than from auto accidents or guns, not to mention the hundreds of thousands of overdose-related emergency room visits each year'.

The report actually understated the lethality of the epidemic. Prevention and law enforcement are important, of course, but when 142 Americans are dying every day from drug overdoses, a lot more than prevention is needed.

At a news conference today at his golf resort in Bedminster, New Jersey, Trump said the opioid crisis is not like any other drug crisis the USA has faced. Most opioid-overdose deaths are linked to prescription pain pills, though the use of heroin is growing rapidly, accounting for nearly 13,000 deaths in 2015, according to Nida. "There's never been anything like what's happened to this country over the last four or five years", the president said. Both senators have called for more steady access to naloxone, a drug that emergency responders can administer on the spot to stop the effects of an overdose.

Mercer said the upcoming declaration could help with the battle against opioids, but cautioned the effort will need money to accomplish.

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