China says it told India in advance about Doklam road

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Countering the Chinese accusations of Indian troops violating the border in the Sikkim sector, the MEA said that on June 16, a PLA construction party entered the Doklam area and attempted to construct a road.

Earlier on Wednesday, China had released a statement demanding "immediate and unconditional withdrawal" of Indian troops from Doklam and also accused India of "concocting" excuses over illegally sending troops into Chinese territory.

According to sources in south block, which houses the defence ministry, Indian army has still deployed around 400 troops in the face off site.

China's fact sheet and India's response to it came on a day when it emerged that a meeting between Ajit Doval of India and Yang Jiechi of China on the border dispute last week did not yield any breakthrough on the Doklam standoff in Sikkim sector.

However, China dismissed India's concerns saying: "To cross a delimited boundary and enter the territory of a neighbouring country on the grounds of so-called "security concerns", for whatever activities, runs counter to the basic principles of global law and basic norms governing worldwide relations".

"China's road building on its own territory is aimed at improving local transportation, which is completely lawful and legitimate".

Mount Ji Mu Ma Zhen is the eastern starting point of the boundary in question and also the junction of the boundaries between China, India and Bhutan.

China's Position Concerning Indian Border Troops Crossing of the China-India Boundary in the Sikkim Sector was published Wednesday to allow the global community to become better acquainted with the facts of the issue, and to fully explain China's stance on the matter, according to a press statement by the Foreign Ministry's Geng Shuang.

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The Chinese foreign ministry on Wednesday said that it had told India to immediately withdraw its troops from Doklam in Sikkim with "no strings attached" to end the standoff, reported PTI.

This show of strength is being projected by Beijing as a warning to India by China to back off from its objection to China constructing a road at the Doklam tri-junction.

Once completed, the road can give China easier access to India's strategically vulnerable 20km-wide corridor, known as "Chicken's neck" that links India's main landmass with its seven northeastern states. According to the document, "entering the territory of neighboring countries for any kind of activities based on so-called security concerns is against basic principles of global law and the basic standards of worldwide relations".

"Since the 1980s, China and Bhutan, as two independent sovereign states, have been engaged in negotiations and consultations to resolve their boundary issue", the foreign ministry said, adding that so far both sides have had 24 rounds of talks and reached a broad consensus. China also said that India has no right to interfere on the boundary talks as Chinese are working out on a solution with Bhutan. It has nothing to do with India. Justifying the decision to intercept the Chinese troops, India said the "alteration of status quo" in Doklam poses serious security concerns.

Chinese President Xi Jinping, for his part, stressed that although Beijing always stands for peace and dialogue, it will not allow anyone to take away even a small plot of Chinese territory.

After asking Indian army to back off from the border, China has said that it had informed India in advance about its road building activity in Doka La on the border.

India's fresh statement in response to the Chinese 15-page fact sheet was essentially a one liner without rebutting Beijing point by point.

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