Two teenagers have chemicals thrown on them in latest London attack

Two men have been taken to hospital after a suspected noxious substance attack in east London

The shopkeeper poured water over them until the ambulances arrived to take them to hospital.

Pictures on social media show the men being helped by firefighters - and images show a jacket with its material singed.

Two Bangali men have been targeted in a suspected acid attack in Bethnal Green in London.

Following the attack, West Midlands Police said they are issuing guidelines for dealing with corrosive liquids in accordance with national police policy and 1,000 acid relief kits were given to Met Office police officers.

In the footage, another man is seen sitting on the pavement, also receiving medical assistance.

Officers were flagged down in Bethnal Green at around 7pm by the two men who were hurt in the incident.

They were treated at the scene before being taken to the hospital as well.

The Metropolitan Police have confirmed that officers were called to the area after reports of an attack with a "noxious substance".

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Four fire engines, police and paramedics are at the scene, which was cordoned off.

"I just gave them water, they were shouting, and I gave them water and they were washing their faces".

No arrests have been made and inquires continue. The attack was the first of five in a single evening. On Easter Monday, acid was sprayed at a crowded east London night club, leaving two people partially blinded and others disfigured.

The latest incident comes after a spate of acid attacks in the United Kingdom that have shocked the British public.

The acid incidents are known as "face melters" after convicted acid attackers Billy and Geoffrey Midmore threw acid on 37-year-old mother-of-six Carla Whitlock.

UK Home Secretary Amber Rudd has suggested that acid attacks may soon carry life sentences.

On Saturday, the Daily Mail spoke to a gang member, named "Off", the people were choosing acid attacks over weapon attacks as the is no penalty for being caught in possession of acid-based chemicals as opposed to a knife or a gun.

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