Your Roomba is spying on you and that fridge sure looks suspicious

Roomba Maker Preparing to Sell Maps of Your Home to Advertisers

Of course, iRobot is likely to run into challenges when it comes to privacy concerns and competition from companies producing more affordable robot vac alternatives - as well as competitors such as Dyson, which also produces robot vacuums. Roombas are already compatible with Google Homes and Amazon Alexas, and data about your home could easily help those companies figure out what you don't already have so they can start selling it to you.

"I think manufacturers aren't seeing the growth everyone expected in internet of things, and the temptation for gathering data from your house and monetising it is enormous", he said.

Roomba vacuums have advanced markedly in recent years, adding sensors, better cameras, and software updates that allow a device to clean, return to its station to recharge, and then go back out to clean again, starting where it left off. Right now, iRobot is building maps to enable the Roomba to efficiently and effectively clean your home.

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For the time being, you can opt out of Clean Map Reports from your iRobot HOME App, under More Settings Toggle Clean Map Report. With the Amazon Echo and the Google Home, along with the upcoming Apple HomePod, knowing how the homes of its users look like will allow the companies to customize the experiences offered by the devices accordingly.

However, iRobot's CEO Colin Angle raised some eyebrows earlier this week in an interview that he gave with Reuters. In the process, some Roomba devices are also stockpiling spatial data, which includes the dimensions of a room, as well as the space between household furniture like couches and tables, Reuters reports. The competition is focused on making cleaning products, not a mapping robot'. The security of the data is not likely to be hard to overcome for a motivated and skilled individual so keep that in mind if you are shopping for a robot vacuum. Angle said a deal could be reached with any of these companies within the next couple of years (or maybe, one of those companies will come knocking with a pile of cash large enough to buy the company outright). For Roomba users who would like to enjoy their privacy, the best thing that they can do for now is hope that Angle and iRobot will keep its word.

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