A New Computer Model Suggests You Could Probably Outrun a T-Rex

Manchester University scientists say T-rex could not run

But not all scientists agreed, and more research using biomechanical approaches has indicated the predator moved at much slower speeds.

While T. rex might have struggled to catch a meal, whatever it did catch stood little chance in the jaws of the king of the dinosaurs; a study published earlier this year found that a Tyrannosaurus rex had a bite force of 7,800 pounds-force (34,522 newtons) - equal to the weight of three small cars.

Scientists at the University of Manchester have new proof that T. rex wasn't almost as terrifying as we thought. If T. rex ran at those speeds its leg bones would have snapped under the force. Sad. Most scientists originally believed that the T. rex could run at speeds of 45 miles per hour, according to the journal Nature Ecology and Evolution.

Scientists at the University of Manchester believe the sheer size and weight of the dinosaurs made running impossible, as their legs would have buckled and broken under the pressure of their heavy load.

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At its fastest, an adult T. rex can only reach about 12 mph, which would leave it in the dust Olympian Usain Bolt who can run 28 miles per hour. His team utilized multibody dynamic analysis supplemented by machine learning to produce what they say is the most accurate T-Rex model ever.

"We can basically say that running was unlikely in any of the big predatory dinosaurs, but that doesn't mean that the smaller ones were not fast".

Professor Sellers said: "The muscles need to be able to generate sufficient power to allow high-speed locomotion, but at the same time the skeleton has to be able to cope with the loads generated by the high speed". "Therefore, these findings may well translate to other long-limbed giants, but this idea should be tested alongside experimental validation work on other bipedal species".

He explained: "the running ability of T. rex and other similarly giant dinosaurs has been intensely debated amongst palaeontologist for decades".

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